Legal Liability For Motorcycle Accidents In Ohio And Kentucky

One of the first questions that needs to be answered in any personal injury case, including motorcycle accident claims, is: Who was responsible? Who is liable for the damages?

In many cases, the answer is straightforward, at least it seems that way. The negligent driver who hit the motorcyclist is the liable party. But what if there was no physical contact made? What if there are other parties responsible in addition to the negligent driver?

No-Contact Motorcycle Accident Claims

It is not uncommon for motorcycle accidents to involve no physical contact with another vehicle. However, that does not mean that the negligent driver of another vehicle was not responsible. If the motorcycle rider was forced to drive off the road or to lay the bike down in order to avoid a collision with a negligent driver who had driven into the motorcyclist’s path, the negligent driver may still be liable.

At the law firm of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, our Ohio and northern Kentucky motorcycle accident liability attorneys know how to get results in these complex cases.

The Importance Of Motorcycle Accident Investigation

We always conduct a thorough investigation. In part, this is to determine whether other parties may be liable besides the negligent driver. Was there a defective product involved? Perhaps the road was under construction and that played a role in the collision. We will find all liable parties and see that they are held accountable.

Defective Motorcycle Equipment

Do you believe that defective motorcycle equipment played a role in a motorcycle accident you or a loved one was involved in? Perhaps defective brakes prevented stopping in time to avoid catastrophic injuries or wrongful death. Perhaps a defective helmet failed to do what it was meant to do.

Perhaps there was no defect, but a thorough investigation by an experienced personal injury attorney may reveal that there is liability and action can be taken to recover compensation for medical bills and other costs.

We have been serving motorcycle accident victims in Ohio and northern Kentucky for three generations. We have the skill and knowledge to review all motorcycle accident claims. If there was a defect involved, we will hold the manufacturer accountable. If there is liability on the part of another party, whether it is a negligent driver or a municipality because of highway defects, we will take action.

Taking On Manufacturers Of Defective Motorcycle Products

Taking on a motorcycle product manufacturer is much different than taking on a negligent driver and his or her insurance company. Manufacturers have a vested interest in winning the case and proving that they were not at fault. If they lose, they would potentially open themselves up to claims from other users of the product. They would possibly be forced to conduct expensive recalls of their products. They will fight to avoid having to take these steps.

That is why it is important for you to have a lawyer who is willing to fight back. We will.

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