Compensation For Loss Of Consortium

The physical injury, the loss of wages, the medical costs, they all add up to significant losses for someone who has been injured in an accident. What about the collateral consequences that the victim’s loved ones must deal with?

When your loved one has been in a car accident or now faces another kind of personal injury claim, you are likely to face hardships as well. This is when you need to call an attorney for loss of consortium claims at the law firm of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA.

What Does Loss Of Consortium Mean?

Loss of consortium refers to the damages or losses that a non-injured person experiences as the result of an accident.

For example, if a woman was injured in a car crash, and is rendered incapacitated, her husband may have a loss of consortium claim because he has lost his wife’s ability to provide certain aspects of companionship. This may range from emotional responsiveness and intellectual stimulation to the loss of a sexual relationship between husband and wife.

Loss of consortium claims can be made for spousal relationships (between married individuals), or for parent and child relationships (if the child is a minor). The law does not permit these claims be filed for relationships between boyfriend and girlfriend or adult friends — no matter how personally close that relationship may be.

How Does Loss Of Consortium Work?

Both Ohio and Kentucky injury victims can pursue loss of consortium claims, but there are some differences in how they are handled in each state. Our lawyers can walk you through the legal process and determine whether or not loss of consortium will be appropriate for your circumstances.

We will likely have to document the specifics of issues that are often considered intangible. For example, if your loved one is no longer able to help with daily household duties, we may break down the cost of hiring someone to assist you with these duties. We would then calculate the total cost according to the number of years your spouse would have been expected to contribute to the household if not for this unexpected injury. Everything depends on the unique aspects of your situation.

Before You Sign Anything, Contact Us

After an accident, the insurance company involved will likely ask the spouse or parent of an injury victim to sign a release — absolving the insurance provider of any liability for loss of consortium claims. Take a moment to protect yourself and consider all of the financial and personal losses you will struggle with because of your loved one’s injury. While no amount of compensation can change what you have lost, it can help ease the burden for you and your loved ones.

Discuss your options with an experienced injury attorney at one of our personal injury law offices during a free initial consultation. We can be reached online or by telephone at 513-838-4562 in Cincinnati, 888-469-6437 in Dayton or Kentucky.