Should I Accept This Insurance Settlement?

Insurance companies know few injury victims have much experience with insurance claims. They often use this inexperience to their advantage by pushing for undervalued claim settlements shortly after an accident has taken place.

We have seen countless clients deal with the ups and downs of serious personal injuries. We want to make sure they can walk away from an unexpected car accident injury with stable financial support.

If you are wondering, “Should I accept this insurance settlement?” you likely need help from an experienced attorney. Contact the law firm of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, and arrange a free initial consultation to have your questions answered.

How Insurance Companies May Undervalue Your Personal Injury Claim

Few initial offers reflect the full scope of an injury victim’s needs. Car accidents, especially, often involve jarring motions that can cause delayed symptoms in a driver or passenger. It is not until days or weeks following the accident that a person will experience pervasive migraines, debilitating back pain, chronic numbness or tingling, nerve damage or other issues that point to a more long-term problem.

Even if you are offered compensation that covers your immediate medical expenses, remember that those expenses might not be the end of the damages you experience. You may have trouble going to work in the same profession you were trained in. You may be unable to care for your loved ones or provide the same companionship you once could to your spouse. In some cases, your spouse may even be justified in filing a loss of consortium claim because of these damages.

Our Injury Lawyers Know Where You’re Coming From

We have more than 50 years of experience helping Ohio and Kentucky injury victims recover fair compensation from the insurance companies and negligent individuals liable for their claims.

When you discuss your case with us, we will give you a straightforward assessment of what can be reasonably expected in your case — an assessment founded in a knowledge of how insurance companies work and what types of issues are likely to arise for you down the road.

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