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Michele Young And The Pink Eraser Project: The Attorney at the Forefront of Breast Cancer Advocacy

In the fight against breast cancer, Michele Young stands as a beacon of hope and progress. A Stage 4 breast cancer survivor, Young is not only a seasoned attorney but also a fierce advocate who has turned her diagnosis into a mission to end this disease. Her efforts, which began at her own diagnosis, have since transformed into an influential movement, reshaping laws and research approaches both in Ohio and across the United States.

In February of 2024, Michele Young was announced as USA Today’s Women of the Year awardee from Ohio.

Attorney Michele Young is the USA Today Woman of the Year from Ohio for 2024

“When You Ask The Right Questions, You Come Up With Answers That Will Shock You”

As a lawyer, Young’s analytical mindset and persuasive skills proved invaluable. She successfully campaigned to amend Ohio’s laws, advocating for better breast cancer screening protocols. Her initiative brought to light that mammograms often miss dense breast tissue and that additional testing is crucial. This led to legislative changes ensuring all gaps in insurance coverage were filled, thanks to the collaborative efforts of a team that included representatives Jean Schmidt and Sedrick Denson and a range of state stakeholders.

Michele Young's advocacy work

The impact of her work in Ohio is expected to set a global precedent by March, establishing a model for ensuring access to early detection that transcends political barriers and is rooted in scientific evidence. Yet, Young didn’t stop there. She took her advocacy to the national level, working alongside the American College of Radiology and influencing updates in FDA guidelines, all to ensure that doctors have the support of the law to provide optimal care.

The Today Show

Her journey has been marked by high-profile interviews, from Katie Couric discussing the “Find It Early Act” to Kristen Dahlgren on the Today Show. Young has highlighted the urgent need for funding the real advances in breast cancer research, including potential vaccines that could not only treat but possibly eradicate the disease within 5 to 10 years.

Michele Young with Kristen Dahlgren and Dr. Mary "Nora" Disis

In 2024, she cofounded the Pink Eraser Project with Dahlgren, which aims to advance breast cancer vaccine research and lessen the time it takes to get vaccines to the marketplace.

Joined by scientists like Dr. Mary “Nora” Disis, Young draws inspiration from the collaborative spirit of the Oppenheimer movie, envisioning a collective effort to conquer breast cancer. Her gratitude extends to the media, scientists, and doctors who have supported her cause, emphasizing the critical role of funding trials and raising awareness.

Finding A Cure, Unleashing Female Potential

As a mother of five, Young is acutely aware of the devastating impact breast cancer has on families. She envisions a future free from the loss and suffering the disease causes, unleashing a wave of female potential currently stifled by this epidemic.

Michele Young and her family

“My Life’s Work Is Getting This Done”

Young’s dedication is unwavering, with every waking hour devoted to her new project, The Pink Eraser Project —raising funds, creating awareness, and ensuring trials are supported. As she personally responds to each letter from breast cancer patients, survivors and family members, her life’s work stands as a testament to the power of advocacy and the possibility of ending an ancient scourge through science, law, and collective action.

Attorney Michele Young appears on The Ohio Channel in 2021
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