Our Lawyers Know To Manage T-Bone Accident Cases

T-bone or side-impact accidents typically occur when a driver fails to stop at a stop sign or stoplight and strikes a vehicle that is passing through the intersection. While the cause of the accident may seem clear, the other driver and his or her insurance company may contest liability, the extent of your damages, or both.

At the law firm of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, in Cincinnati, our lawyers protect the rights of auto accident victims. We represent people injured by negligent drivers in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Determining Liability

Was the light yellow, red or green? Did you look both ways before entering the intersection? In the aftermath of an accident, the facts can be contested. For this reason, it is important to contact our attorneys as soon as possible. This gives us the opportunity to investigate the accident while evidence is still available and witnesses’ memories are fresh.

You should not make any statements to the insurance company of the other driver before consulting an attorney. The other party’s insurance company will do anything it can to minimize its liability. One way it can do this is by getting you to make admissions that shift a percentage of the blame to you.

In Ohio, your recovery from a personal injury lawsuit can be reduced by any percent of negligence that is assigned to you. If you are more than 50 percent negligent, you cannot recover damages from the other party. To protect your rights, do not say anything or sign anything until you talk with an experienced attorney. Once you retain us, we will deal with the insurance company for you.

We Offer Free Consultations

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