Injured In A Car Accident In Ohio? Don’t Let Your Insurance Company Take Advantage Of You.

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If you have been involved in a car accident and have suffered serious injuries as a result, you may feel overwhelmed, frightened and confused. To make matters worse, your insurance company is probably pressuring you to make quick decisions and settle your case.

At Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, we know what you are going through. As a personal injury law firm, we can help you by:

  • Dealing with your insurance company for you: You don’t have to worry about the possibility of settling your case for less than what it is worth. We will handle this on your behalf.
  • Seeking maximum compensation on your behalf: The financial impact of your accident lasts much longer than initial hospital bills and related costs. We will seek compensation to cover a potential lifetime of expenses, depending on the severity of your injuries.

We have decades of experience handling car accident cases. Not all attorneys do. When you choose us to represent you, you can rest assured you are working with a law firm that has your best interests in mind — and one that has the experience to effectively help you.

“The insurance company of course was only looking out for themselves. They did fight for me. They got me what I deserved.” — A past client of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA

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