Staying Safe On The Roads During Holidays

Holiday driving is always chaotic. The traffic is worse than usual. People are rushing. When it gets late, drinking and driving is a serious hazard. Car crashes may seem inevitable, but that does not mean that there is no one to blame. We hold negligent drivers responsible for accidents they cause.

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What To Do After An Accident On A Holiday

The holidays make it difficult for courts to find fault. The traffic and rush make gathering evidence difficult, even in what seems like a straightforward case. This is especially true for multicar pile-ups that are common over the holidays. You can keep yourself and your family safer during accidents by taking the following steps:

First, get medical attention for anyone who is injured and call for a police officer. The officer can take a full account of the scene.

Next, call an attorney as soon as possible. Insurance companies have many resources. A fast response can help prevent insurance companies from gaining an unfair advantage. Our firm is open 24 hours and will come meet you at your convenience.

Before you accept any insurance offer, consult with an experienced attorney who can analyze the situation and determine if your settlement offer is fair and complete.

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