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Injury by uninsured or underinsured motorist has legal recourse

The thought of getting behind the wheel without car insurance sounds crazy to most. However, a percentage of drivers on Cincinnati roads today do just that, they get behind the wheel without meeting the legal thresholds for car insurance. So, what happens to you, the law abiding driver, when you are injured or your property is damaged in a car accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist?

Since underinsured drivers and uninsured drivers are two different things, there are a few ways in which one could seek compensation after a car accident with such a driver. With uninsured drivers, a person's insurance often has clauses about uninsured motorists built into one's own insurance policy. This policy would provide compensation to you as well as any passengers who were in your vehicle at the time of the accident with an uninsured motorist. This coverage allows injured people to recover for injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other financial losses that may be connected to a person's injury after a run-in with an uninsured driver.

Visual recognition as a cause of motorcycle accidents

The modern vehicles that Cincinnati residents drive are equipped with many safety features. In addition to mirrors that give them the ability to see around their vehicles, drivers also benefit from blind spot warnings, back up cameras and other electronic tools that were not available to vehicles of generations past. However, the most important tool that a driver can use when commuting down the road is not something that is an add-on feature to their vehicle: it is their attention.

Paying attention to one's surroundings is an incredibly important part of staying safe on the road, and unfortunately a lack of attention to certain motorists causes a number of dangerous accidents each year. Drivers who fail to look out for and see motorcyclists can pose significant dangers to individuals who choose to ride their motorcycles through the city. Visual recognition is the term given to unfortunate occurrence.

Alcohol-related accident proves fatal for Ohio motorcyclist

We have lots of control over our lives, or so we believe. While the day-to-day decisions may be within a person's realm of control, there are many external factors that can impact not only a person's day, but also the rest of their life. Other people generally are the driving force behind incidences in which a regular day can turn into a nightmare. Recently, a motorcyclist was involved in an accident and Ohio State Patrol released some findings in the suspected alcohol-related accident.

At around 10pm, the man was driving his motorcycle east on Hills and Dales Road. Suddenly, a vehicle coming from the other direction, turned into the driveway for an apartment complex, thereby crossing the motorcyclists lane of travel. The motorcycle overturned and hit the car, at which time he was thrown from the motorcycle. His injuries were treated at Mercy Hospital where he later passed away.

Longer stopping distances can lead to truck accidents

Driving in close proximity to semi-trucks in Ohio can be nerve-wracking to even the bravest, most experienced motorists. The most obvious cause of this fear is the sheer size of these massive vehicles and the devastation they can cause when they are driven negligently. Although truckers go through extensive training and testing, and they are subjected to a number of regulations, they still can fail to operate their vehicles in a way that ensures other motorists' safety.

One reason is because far too many individuals fail to consider the increased distance needed by semi-trucks to come to a safe stop. Whereas a car may be up to 18 feet in length and weigh as much as 4,000 pounds, a semi-truck may be 65 feet and weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When these vehicles are traveling at 40 mph, a semi-truck will need an additional 45 feet to safely stop. Increase that speed to 65, and the difference becomes more than 500 feet, nearly the length of a football field.

How does one preserve my claim for damages after a car accident?

Following an Ohio car accident, the immediate thoughts of victims may not be related to a personal injury claim for damages. But, after the accident, as they face medical bills and possibly the inability to work or to pay for bills, they may wonder about their options.

Car accidents can leave victims seriously injured and facing a number of damages. To be in the best position to bring a successful claim for damages, there are a few steps victims should follow after a car accident.

What are the protections against an uninsured motorist?

Being hit by another driver can be an understandably troubling experience. When the accident wasn't your fault, you may be wondering what to do. After you have assessed whether you and any passengers are okay, you are likely left wondering what you do about the driver that negligently ran a red light and hit you or carelessly failed to yield of the right of way and struck you.

Although many sates require drivers to carry liability insurance, there are always some who do not. A study conducted by the Insurance Research Council in 2011 reported that one in seven drivers was uninsured during 2009. Nationwide, that amounts to approximately 14 percent of drivers being uninsured. Insurance requirements vary by state so it is important to know the requirements in your state.

Understanding the liability of truck drivers and truck companies

Ohio victims who have been in a catastrophic truck accident, at some point, will wonder who is liable for their damages and suffering. The answer depends on their specific circumstances, but can include negligent truck drivers and truck companies. Victims may be able to recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages, including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

There are a variety of ways that truck drivers and trucking companies can be negligent and, therefore, responsible to compensate truck accident victims for their damages. Because truck accident victims can suffer extensive harm due to the massive size of semi-trucks, it is important to identify all of the potentially liable parties.

The right help for victims of motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries to victims who are comparatively more vulnerable on the roadways then drivers and passengers of motor vehicles. Victims of motorcycle accidents can suffer severe head and brain injuries that may disrupt their everyday way of life, which is why they should be familiar with the legal resources available to help them.

Victims of a traumatic brain injury may suffer physical harm and mood, emotional and personality disruptions that leave them unable to accomplish everyday tasks that were common prior to their accident and the injury they have suffered. Victims may suffer cognitive deficits and find that the impact of a brain injury affects their relationships with friends and family members. In addition, victims of motorcycle accidents can face other debilitating, and even disfiguring, injuries and scarring in a motorcycle accident.

What everyone needs to know about distracted driving

There are approximately nine victims killed each day in the United States in car accidents involving distracted driving and another 1,000 are injured. Distracted driving increases the risk of a car accident. In general, distracted driving is considered any activity that removes the driver's attention from driving.

There are three primary types of distracted driving, including cognitive distraction, manual distraction and visual distraction. There are different examples of each. Cognitive distraction can include having conversations with passengers or accessing the internet on a cell phone, which remove the driver's mind from the task at hand. Manual distraction can include operating a radio or GPS device, cell phone or grooming while driving, which remove the driver's hands from the steering wheel. Visual distractions can include looking for a cell phone while driving or reading a text while driving.

What do I do if I am injured by a drunk driver?

When an Ohio resident has been injured by a negligent driver, such as a drunk driver, a personal injury legal claim for damages may help them recover compensation for their damages. A personal injury claim for damages can involve litigation or settlement and it is important to understand both. When victims realize the extent of their injuries from a drunk driving accident, they may have many questions they need answers to.

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