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Drunk drivers can be held liable in a civil court

When we hear stories on the news about accidents where it is believed that intoxication was a factor, our eyebrows automatically raise. How could a person choose to get behind the wheel after drinking or using other drugs? The truth is, it happens every day. After a victim is injured in a drunk driving accident, it's important to understand that the drunk driver can be sued in a personal injury claim on top of facing criminal charges.

What does this mean? Because it is illegal to drive drunk, the authorities are likely already looking into building a criminal case against the alleged drunk driver. However, those injured by the drunk driver should be looking into a case of their own. The victim can file a personal injury claim, seeking compensation for their medical expenses, property damage, lost time at work, and other damages.

BAC testing in car accidents involving serious injury

It can be really hard to understand why anyone would drive drunk. in today's modern age, there are ride- sharing options like Uber and Lyft, and, of course, a good old-fashioned taxi cab or ride from a friend are all viable options. However, drunk driving accidents do occur due to a person's decision to get behind the wheel intoxicated.

For those in Ohio who are 21 years of age or older, an acceptable BAC is 0.08 or lower. Even if the BAC is at this threshold or near it, it can still be used as a factor in assessing impairment and fault for a car accident - it just depends on the situation. Many states call for mandatory testing of all drivers involved in car accidents in which serious injuries or death was reported.

Serious car accident injures many in Hamilton County

Now that summer is upon us, drivers may notice more traffic on the roads. Most of the time Cincinnati area residents get to their destinations safely, but, occasionally, a serious accident occurs. A car accident can affect a family for many years to come, causing financial and emotional burdens.

A serious car accident recently occurred on the Ronald Reagan Highway in Hamilton County. The accident occurred when a man driving eastbound allowed his truck to drift over the median into oncoming traffic. He proceeded to hit a car head-on and spun out of control. Two additional cars were involved in the accident. Six people were injured, with some needing to be airlifted to the hospital. The accident is still under investigation by the Hamilton County Sheriff Traffic Safety Unit.

One killed in tragic accident in Sharonville

Most drivers in the Cincinnati area have been the victim of a bad driver. No matter how well we drive, there are always hazards on the road that we can't control. Those who choose to drive drunk, text and drive, speed, or engage in other dangerous behaviors risk creating a serious car accident.

One person is dead and another injured after a tragic accident on I-75. A driver was traveling north when he veered into the median and into the southbound lanes. He was struck by a driver who was traveling south. The driver who crossed the median was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other driver was taken to a hospital for their injuries. The Sharonville Police Department believes that alcohol and speed may have played a role in the accident and are asking for any witnesses to come forward with information.

Motorcyclist seriously injured in Hamilton crash

Now that the weather has improved in the Cincinnati area, motorcycles are back on the road. Many Cincinnati area residents have a motorcycle that they enjoy riding to work or for pleasure. Most of the time motorcyclists are able to safely share the road with other drivers but, occasionally, a serious motorcycle accident occurs.

A tragic motorcycle accident recently occurred in Hamilton. A motorcyclist was seriously injured after being involved in an accident with a car. The motorcyclist was traveling west on Fairgrove when a car turned off Campbell onto Fairgrove. The car struck the motorcycle and the motorcyclist suffered life-threatening injuries. He was initially brought to Fort Hamilton Hospital but was later flown to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center because of the severity of his injuries. The accident is under investigation.

Have you been injured in a crash with an uninsured driver?

Despite possessing safe driving habits, a Cincinnati area resident can still be in a car accident. Luckily, most car accidents are just minor fender benders, but serious car accidents sometimes occur. If a person has been injured in a car accident with a driver who does not have insurance, they do have legal options.

Although drivers in Ohio are required to have car insurance, there are still many drivers who do not. According to the Insurance Information Institute, over 12% of drivers in the U.S do not have car insurance. Being injured in a car accident is stressful enough, but when the person who caused the accident does not have car insurance, it can be a nightmare. As many Cincinnati residents know, medical expenses and property damage from a car accident can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. Without insurance, a victim may wonder how these expenses will get paid.

A motorcycle accident can cause serious injuries

Many people in the Cincinnati area like riding motorcycles. Motorcycle riding can be fun for enjoying the beautiful scenery, commuting to work, or just enjoying a weekend afternoon. Most of the time motorcycles are able to safely share the road with other vehicles, but, occasionally, a motorcycle accident occurs. These accidents often lead to serious injuries.

Now that it's warm out, there are many more opportunities for people to ride their motorcycles. However, if an accident occurs, serious injuries are often a result. Motorcycles do not provide as much protection during an accident than a car does. Those involved in a motorcycle crash often suffer from road rash. Road rash can remove layers of skin and can cause nerve damage and infections. Head injuries are also common. A motorcycle rider can suffer anything from a minor concussion to brain damage or a cracked skull. A motorcyclist can also suffer broken bones and other crushing injuries.

Driver runs red light seriously injuring worker

When a person is out and about in the Cincinnati area, they don't expect to be hit by a car. Luckily, these accidents are rare. Families who have had a loved one seriously injured due to no fault of their own often feel angry and confused.

A person working on a street in downtown Cincinnati was seriously injured. A car ran a red light while driving north on Main Street and hit another car heading west on Eighth St. After being hit, the second car ran into a man working on a project on the street. The driver of the first car got out and ran away from the scene.

Ohio truck deaths continue to occur

Cincinnati area residents understand that there are a lot of trucks on our highways. The interstates have a constant stream of trucks from all over the country hauling goods. Ohio is a major hub for large trucks and drivers understand that they are everywhere. Most of the time cars can safely share the road with these large trucks, but there are still hundreds who are severely affected each year in a truck accident.

A truck accident is often a serious situation. A large truck can be 30 times the size of a car meaning that even a minor fender bender can lead to serious injuries. In 2017 there were 1,094 people who died on Ohio roads with 116 who died in a large truck related accident. These statistics are just those who died and do not include the hundreds who have been seriously injured in an accident.

State Representative arrested for drunk driving

Unfortunately, many families in the Cincinnati area have been affected by drunk driving. Drunk driving is a serious problem in the Cincinnati area and across Ohio. Drunk driving is also totally preventable if a person makes the choice not to drive after they have been drinking.

An Ohio State Representative from Bond Hill was recently arrested near Columbus for drunk driving. Representative Sedrick Denson was pulled over in the middle of the night on I-670 after a State Patrol Officer observed him speeding and crossing the white line. Denson failed a field sobriety test and refused a chemical test. He told the officer that he crossed the white line because he was checking his GPS as he was unfamiliar to the area. He is facing charges of driving under the influence, felony drug possession for a prescription medication found in his car and not prescribed to him and driving on a suspended license.

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