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Were you harmed by an uninsured motorist?

The state of Ohio requires motorists to carry a car insurance policy that provides coverage for their vehicle, the driver and it's occupants, and any other party that may be injured in a crash he or she causes. Unfortunately, people break the law sometimes and operate a vehicle without insurance. If a driver without a valid policy causes an accident, the victim may have to contend with the legal mess that can result from being injured by an uninsured motorist

Recently, a man in another state caused a serious crash involving two other vehicles. Victims in the vehicles he struck had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment of injuries. The driver that caused the crash admitted that he had been distracted before the crash because he had been using his cell phone while driving. 

Car accidents: 3 dead following Ohio crash

Three people have tragically died following a car crash in Trotwood, according to local sources. Ohio State Highway Patrol reported to the scene of the accident that claimed the lives of a 35-year-old woman and two teenagers. Police have not said whether they believe recklessness or negligence were factors in the crash, but as with many car accidents, this one is still under investigation. 

According to the report, a vehicle driven by a 19-year-old man was headed southbound when it failed to yield for a red light. This caused the vehicle to strike an eastbound SUV driven by a 35-year-old woman. The force of the impact was enough to kill the driver of the eastbound vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. A 3-year-old child in a safety seat was extricated from the vehicle with only minor injuries. 

Will new technology help prevent motorcycle accidents?

Ohio has some gorgeous scenery to offer bikers, especially now that bright and sunny summer weather has arrived. With many gatherings cancelled and social distancing protocols in place, getting out for a ride is one activity that bike enthusiasts can still enjoy. Each year, motorcycle accidents injure or kill hundreds of people, but new technology might make the roads a bit safer for everyone. 

Major auto manufacturer Ford has developed a new mechanism, called Intersection Assist, to help drivers avoid collisions with motorcycles and other vehicles. Crash data shows that motorcycle drivers are often hit when other drivers are making left turns at intersections. Scientists say that this might not be a visibility issue, because in many cases, visibility is good and the motorcycle is not in a blind spot.

Vehicle hit by a drunk driver, 2 dead

Two people are dead following a serious crash in Madison Township that is believed to have been predicated on drunk driving, according to local sources. Police in the Ohio township did not arrest the suspected drunk driver because both the driver and passenger in the offending vehicle were killed in the crash. The individual in the other vehicle survived, and refused treatment. 

According to officers on the scene, the 28-year-old driver suspected of DUI was reportedly heading southbound on Elk Creek when the accident occurred. It appears the driver failed to stop at a marked stop sign, and the vehicle pulled in front of a pickup truck driven by a 51-year-old person. The force of the resulting impact sent both vehicles off the road and into a ditch. 

Fatal car accidents may occur due to careless driving

An individual's life has sadly been cut short, following a single-car wreck in Ohio. The car crash took place along Interstate 475 on a recent Wednesday morning. Sometimes, these types of car accidents happen due to driver negligence, in which case the driver may be held liable for any injuries or deaths resulting from the accident.

The recent Ohio crash took place shortly after 2 a.m. According to police, a woman, 22, was driving along the interstate and suddenly lost control of the car. At that point, she reportedly hit the median in the road.

Car accidents: 1 dead following crash in Ohio

Police in Toledo say a man was killed after causing multiple crashes on the morning of June 19, according to sources. Ohio police say the man caused a series of car accidents before being badly injured and later pronounced dead. Several other people were hospitalized after the bizarre series of crashes, but the roads have since been reopened and the investigation is still underway. 

According to police reports, it appears a 46-year-old man was involved in a three-car collision in the early morning of June 19, which caused his bumper and license plate to be left at the scene. The man reportedly fled the scene in his damaged vehicle but soon caused another accident by crashing head-on into an SUV headed in the other direction. His vehicle was then hit by a second SUV. 

Man on motorcycle killed in accident

Several people were sent to local hospitals following a serious accident in east Toledo on June 6. Ohio police are still investigating the accident but have not determined who was responsible for the crash. The accident involved a car and a motorcycle, and it appears the motorcycle rider was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. 

According to the limited information in the report, it appears a 55-year-old man was traveling westbound on his motorcycle when the crash occurred. A passenger car was turning left from an eastbound direction, and the two vehicles collided. The 43-year-old female driver of the car, as well as an unidentified 16-year-old passenger, were both taken to a local hospital with injuries described as non life-threatening. 

Car accidents: Ohio man tragically killed

A 22-year-old man is dead following a serious accident on U.S. 35, according to local sources. Ohio police in Dayton responded to the crash, which claimed the life of one passenger. Several other people were also injured in the collision, but as with many fatal car accidents of this type, police are still investigating the cause of this crash and have not filed any charges at this point. 

It appears from the report that a vehicle headed west on U.S. 35 by a 20-year-old Camden resident apparently began to drift into oncoming traffic around 3:30 p.m. This caused a collision with an eastbound minivan. The minivan struck the other vehicle on its passenger side, causing the vehicle to leave the road and enter a farm field, where it reportedly caught fire. The passenger was reported dead at the scene. 

Impaired drivers cause devastating car accidents

Conscientious drivers know when it is best not to get behind the wheel. If they have not had enough sleep, have been drinking alcohol or are feeling especially emotional, they may postpone any driving or find someone else to transport them. In some cases, however, Ohio residents who should not be behind the wheel drive anyway, and that places other travelers at risk of injury in car accidents.

One man recently received a sentence of 30 days in jail, three years of community control and five years without a driver's license following an accident that took place in 2018. His license was already under suspension for previous violations when the accident occurred. Court records reveal that the man admitted that he was texting as he approached a line of vehicles stopped at a construction site. His car struck the rear of the vehicle ahead of him with such force that the other vehicle went airborne, flipped and landed in the opposite lane.

Drunk drivers: Man accused of DUI in death of child

A 1-year-old boy is tragically dead following an accident police believe was predicated on alcohol and drug use. Ohio police have not yet filed charges against the driver involved, but they believe he may have been intoxicated. As with most alleged drunk drivers, he could face serious charges and will be expected to appear in court to face them. 

According to the limited information in the report, it appears the 60-year-old man was driving his vehicle southbound around 1:30 a.m. the morning of May 17 when he lost control of his vehicle. The car left the roadway, striking a tree. It is unclear how fast the vehicle was going at the time of the impact, but the force of the impact injured all three passengers, who were taken to a local hospital. 

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