Legal Options After Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Any vehicle on the road for business purposes is a commercial vehicle, from a company car running errands to a semi truck moving cargo from one side of the country to the other. When commercial vehicles cause an accident that leads to back injuries, brain injuries or other serious injuries, there may be additional complexities that require the attention of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Who Is The Claim Against?

In commercial vehicle accident cases, claims are most likely going to be filed against the negligent driver’s employer. Depending on the situation, the individual driving the company vehicle may also be liable. Other parties may be the target of a claim as well such as the manufacturer of the commercial vehicle if there was an auto defect involved.

For decades, the Ohio commercial vehicle accident lawyers at the law firm of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, have been maximizing compensation for accident victims. We will take great care to review your case and find out who was responsible, taking action against all negligent parties as appropriate. Was the accident caused by a driver who was poorly trained or put behind the wheel despite a record of traffic violations? Was it the result of a vehicle that had not been properly maintained or repaired by the company? Did the company encourage the driver to spend too many hours behind the wheel, leading to driver fatigue?

Types Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

We handle commercial vehicle accidents for people in Ohio and northern Kentucky. Cases may involve the following types of commercial vehicles:

  • Company car accidents
  • Delivery van accidents
  • UPS, FedEx and delivery truck accidents
  • Semi-truck accidents

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