Dayton Car Accident Attorneys

For three generations, the law firm of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, has provided skilled advocacy to car accident victims in Dayton and throughout western Ohio and beyond. Every day, we work hard to keep the legacy alive by maximizing compensation for people like you and your family. Our law firm has the knowledge, the resources, the staff and the state-of-the-art technology to put forth a strong and successful case on your behalf.

We Do Everything We Can To Help You After A Car Accident In Dayton

Our Dayton car accident lawyers will strive to get you the money you need to cover medical bills and to make up for the wages lost because of someone else’s negligence.

While a car accident can happen anywhere, there are a few notably dangerous roads and intersections in Dayton. The Wilmington Pike/I-675 Interchange is known to be an area that gets congested due to long lines of cars waiting to get off of the highway.

State Route 725 and State Route 741 is an area that sees heavy traffic and congestion. Another particularly dangerous area is Riverside Drive from Helena Street to Siebenthaler Avenue where drivers drive at very high speeds. Many drivers also speed in the Liscum and Colson Drive area in Jefferson Township.

We are unique in that we will even handle your property damage claims at no charge. We recognize that you need help, and we are here to do everything we can for you and your family.

Step One: Talk To An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

In any personal injury case, it is in your best interest to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Soon after a car accident, victims are often contacted by the insurance company. The insurance company may be quick to offer a settlement.

On the surface, these offers often seem acceptable. When we review them, however, we often find that they fall far short of covering all the costs the car accident victim will be faced with. It is our goal to make certain that compensation is absolutely complete. We encourage you to talk to us first.

We often find that, not only are you entitled to more compensation than the insurance company has offered, you may be entitled to compensation from other sources as well. We are very thorough in reviewing your case, making certain your injuries are properly evaluated, understanding the long-term costs and getting you everything you deserve.

Free Consultation With An Ohio Auto Accident Lawyer

If you or a member of your family was involved in a car crash in Dayton or western Ohio and you would like an evaluation of your claim, we invite you to call 513-838-4562 in Cincinnati, 888-469-6437 in Dayton or Kentucky or email our law firm.