What If The Other Driver Was Uninsured?

Gregory S. Young Co., L.P.A. is dedicated to helping injured people obtain fair and full compensation for personal injury claims. If you have been injured in a car accident and there is an issue of inadequate insurance coverage, our lawyers can help. We handle car accident injury claims involving uninsured motorists (UM). If you have been injured by a person carrying inadequate insurance or no insurance at all, you still have options.

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Determining A Need When Pursuing A Lawsuit

An uninsured motorist lawsuit is generally pursued if one of two types of vehicular accidents has occurred. One scenario involves an uninsured driver causing an accident. Our firm handles many types of uninsured motorist claims, including those related to car accidents, truck accidents, drunk driver accidents and motorcycle accidents.

The other scenario involves an unidentifiable driver causing injury in a hit and run accident. Attorneys at Gregory S. Young Co., L.P.A. are adept at addressing the various insurance issues that can arise from many types of accidents.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Explained

Were you injured by a negligent driver who does not have automobile insurance? Uninsured motorist coverage is provided by your insurance carrier and provides compensation to you as well as any passengers who were in your vehicle at the time of the accidents. UM coverage allows injured people to recover for injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other financial losses.

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