Recovering From Severe Spring Weather

As spring weather begins in the Midwest, we face major weather challenges. Regular flooding, hail and tornadoes destroy miles of property. Tornadoes, in particular, pose significant threats to infrastructure, property and human life. At Gregory S. Young, Co., LPA, our lawyers will fight for you. We have a strong sense of right and wrong. We hold insurance companies to their word.

Our firm has represented the injured in and around Ohio and Kentucky for over 50 years. We will leverage our experience to obtain the best possible settlement for you and your loved ones after an injury. Schedule a free consultation by calling our office at 513-721-1077.

Stay Safe During And After A Tornado

Our attorneys’ experience has taught us many things about severe weather. We want to share that knowledge and wisdom with you. You can help keep yourself and others safe during and after a tornado by following this advice:

  • If you are caught in severe wind, rain or hail when driving, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. Turn on your hazard lights. Ideally, stop under an overpass if possible.
  • Apartment residents should have publicly available safety routes posted in main hallways. If you are in an apartment or high rise, find a low-level interior room away from windows. If available, go to the basement.
  • Do not approach any fallen power lines. If you can, turn off gas lines and electrical mains. As soon as possible, leave the building and find shelter elsewhere.

Injuries incurred after a tornado and caused by tornado damage may be eligible for settlements. Property owners and homeowners insurance policies exist for precisely this reason.

Tornado damage is devastating. The long-term costs of rebuilding are huge, and your safety is at risk. We provide legal aid to individuals, families and property owners with insurance disputes.

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