Injury Victims Have Legal Rights After Elevator And Escalator Accidents

Elevators, escalators and moving walkways are part of our everyday lives. Shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, airports, and stadiums use elevators, escalators and moving walkways to transport individuals.

As another mode of transportation, most individuals trust that elevators, escalators and moving walkways will not cause them harm.

Elevator Failing Can Lead To Personal Injury

People step onto them without even thinking about potential dangers. The most serious injuries reported for elevators are due to the elevator falling. Passengers may also get stuck between elevator doors when they close suddenly or fall into open elevator shafts. Many injuries on elevators or escalators are due to poor maintenance or defective products.

Accidents occur when an elevator:

  • Plummets
  • Gets stuck
  • Stops suddenly
  • Accelerates suddenly
  • Stops between floors

Accidents occur when an escalator:

  • Stops suddenly
  • Gets wet causing a slip, trip, or fall
  • Steps become loose allowing clothing, fingers and toes to get caught

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