Seeking Compensation For Spinal Cord Injuries

Victims of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and other acts of negligence may be left with spinal cord injuries. Herniated disks, fractured vertebrae and other spinal cord injuries can be devastating, leaving the victim with symptoms like severe pain that require months or even years of treatment before they fade away.

In the most serious spine injury cases, the victim may be left paralyzed, suffering from a condition like paraplegia and quadriplegia. Helping the victim live with this type of condition may require lifelong treatment from highly trained specialists.

Whether for a herniated disk or paralysis, treatment for a spinal cord injury is going to be expensive. If the injury was the result of an act of negligence, the victim should not have to cover the costs. For three generations, the law firm of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, has helped people like you get compensation for medical bills and other costs.

Building A Successful Spine Injury Case

When our Cincinnati spinal cord injury attorneys build a case, we do so knowing that we may need to go to trial to get results. For that reason, we build the case not only to convey information to insurance adjusters, but to the people who may be on a jury. We take great care to make certain that we are able to show the impact of the injury on you and your family, illustrate your medical needs and impress upon insurance adjusters and jury members why you need the amount of compensation we are asking for.

Our lawyers have a proven track record for maximizing compensation in personal injury claims of all types, including those involving spine injuries.

Call Us To Get Started

Our Cincinnati spinal cord injury lawyers treat every case, however large or small, as an opportunity to develop the kind of trust that will last for generations. If you or a member of your family has suffered a spine injury and you would like an evaluation of your claim, we invite you to call 513-838-4562 in Cincinnati, 888-469-6437 in Dayton or Kentucky or email our law firm.