Prescription Errors Can Have Legal Consequences

A prescription error is never excusable. A pharmacy dispensing the wrong medication, an optometrist failing to check the eyeglass prescription in a child’s lenses, a nurse administering the wrong drug — these highly paid professionals have failed to meet basic standards of care.

Compensation For Prescription Errors

A child’s vision might suffer damage when the child, even for 30 days, looks through lenses with the wrong prescription. Emergency room patients have died of allergic reactions despite noting their allergies at the outset. Pharmacists have been known to give patients the wrong prescription altogether. A nursing home patient can be given the wrong drug.

Often, the wrong medication is administered but the patient suffers no lasting harm. If, however, you were less fortunate and a prescription error caused injury or death to you or someone you care about, you deserve to recover fair compensation for your loss.

Our lawyers have handled personal injury claims for a variety of prescription error cases, including those involving the following:

  • Wrong prescriptions in children’s eyeglasses
  • An ER patient who reported a latex allergy but suffered a full-body rash when staff used latex tape, despite the warning
  • A man admitted to the psych ward with orders to be watched — and on the fourth day, died of an overdose

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