5 things that are actually considered distracted driving

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Awareness of mobile phone distractions has become nearly universal. Driver awareness campaigns and changing laws have helped educate the public about the risk of handling a mobile device while driving a vehicle.

Many drivers now commit to turning their ringers off and ignoring their devices while they are in traffic. Unfortunately, digital distraction is only one of many types of distraction that could endanger someone in traffic. The five behaviors below are all also potentially concerning sources of driver distraction.

Eating and drinking

Those who have long commutes to work often eat their breakfast or enjoy their morning coffee on the way to their jobs. Those eating on the go may not realize how much of a distraction eating and drinking can be. People have to take their hands off of the wheel to handle food or beverages. They may also be at risk of spilling something and becoming even more distracted.

Interacting with passengers

Other people in a vehicle can be a major source of distraction. Children in the backseat might get into a fight or throw their favorite toys into the front of the vehicle. Coworkers carpooling with someone might ask questions about work projects or crack jokes that take someone’s attention off the road. Passenger distraction is particularly dangerous for young adults traveling with other teenagers.

Grooming behaviors

Getting ready for a meeting, a date or the beginning of a work shift often means looking one’s best. People may need to tie ties, shave, put up their hair, apply make-up or adjust their clothing. Engaging in personal remaining habits while driving could lead to someone taking both of their hands off of the wheel and visually focusing on themselves in a mirror instead of on traffic.

Singing along to the radio

It can be a very pleasant experience to have a favorite song come on the radio while driving on a sunny day. Unfortunately, singing along can be a source of distraction, especially if someone becomes emotional about the song or performative as they sing. Similarly, other forms of entertainment while driving, including podcasts and audiobooks, can become so distracting that people don’t pay attention to the road.

Hands-free solutions

Many people get around rules about texting and phone use while driving through special systems. They use talk-to-text software or Bluetooth headsets to make phone calls. Conversations over hands-free devices can be just as distracting as calls on handheld phones or conversations with passengers. People using talk-to-text software may try to check the input and might actually become more distracted than they initially expected.

Distracted drivers put themselves, the other occupants of their vehicles and other people in traffic at unnecessary risk. Avoiding sources of distraction can help people avoid legal and financial culpability for car crashes.

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