Road travel hazards to watch for during Spring

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As the snow melts and the days grow longer, spring in Ohio inspires a renewed sense of energy and the promise of warmer weather. However, this season also introduces unique road travel hazards that drivers should be cautious to account for.  

Awareness of these risks can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents, better ensuring the safety of all road users. 


The freeze-thaw cycle of winter into spring is notorious for creating potholes. As water finds cracks in the pavement and freezes, it expands, causing the asphalt to break apart. These potholes can appear overnight and range from minor annoyances to serious hazards that can damage vehicles and cause accidents. Motorists should remain alert and avoid swerving suddenly to dodge potholes, as this can lead to collisions with other vehicles.

Wet and slippery roads

Spring showers bring May flowers—and slick roadways. Rain can mix with different substances on the pavement, making roads more slippery than they appear, especially during the first few minutes of a rainfall. This can reduce tire traction and increase stopping distances. Drivers should reduce their speed and maintain a safe following distance during wet conditions.

More cyclists and pedestrians

With the arrival of pleasant weather, more cyclists and pedestrians are out and about, enjoying the outdoors. Drivers must share the road responsibly, giving cyclists ample space and yielding to pedestrians at crosswalks. Being mindful of more vulnerable road users can prevent accidents and better ensure everyone’s safety.

Construction zones

Spring also marks the beginning of the construction season. Drivers may encounter unexpected detours, reduced speed zones and uneven road surfaces. Paying attention to construction signage and workers directing traffic is important for navigating these areas safely.

By being aware of these springtime road hazards, drivers can take proactive steps to avoid accidents. With that said, even safety-conscious travelers may find themselves experiencing harm due to the negligence of another party. When accidents like this occur, victims can benefit from seeking personalized guidance to better understand their rights and options. 


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