Even a few drinks is too many when it comes to driving

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Drunk driving is more than just irresponsible — it is seriously dangerous, leading to many car accidents in Cincinnati every year, resulting in serious injuries and loss of life. We may think that if we only have two or three drinks, that we are safe to drive. And while this may not put us over the legal limit, the fact remains that even a couple drinks could impair your driving ability.

Can someone safely drive after three drinks?

While every person’s body responds differently to alcohol, a person who has consumed around three standard sized drinks will have a blood-alcohol level of around 0.05%. While this may be below the legal limit, this does not make it safe to drive. A person whose BAC is at 0.05% will find that they experience a reduction in both their coordination and ability to track moving objects. Manipulating the steering wheel may also become more difficult. In addition, their ability to appropriately respond to an emergency driving situation may be reduced. It is easy to see how you do not need a BAC above the legal limit to be too impaired to drive.

Even a BAC of 0.02% can impair driving ability

But what if you only had around two standard sized drinks, and your BAC is only at 0.02%? In this event, is it safe to drive? Not necessarily. Even a BAC as low as 0.02% can lead to a decline in one’s visual functions and ability to complete two tasks at once. This could lead to a serious car crash and legal liability.

Driving after consuming any amount of alcohol is dangerous

If you were in a car crash caused by someone who had been consuming alcohol, do not assume that just because they are below the legal limit, that they cannot be held liable. Car accident cases are based on negligence, and if a person breached their duty of care to drive safely, causing a car accident that injured another person, the negligent driver could face liability.

This post is for information purposes only and does not contain legal advice for any specific person’s situation. Those who have been involved in a car accident caused by someone who has consumed alcohol will want to seek the assistance they need to better understand their legal options moving forward.

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