July and August peak times for car accidents

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that of all the months of the year, July and August see the most accidents. Many people in Cincinnati may wonder why this is true, especially when ice and snow in winter makes roads hazardous. However, summer driving is not without its dangers.

First, there are simply more motorists on the road in summer, and more vehicles means more crashes. Not only are people making their usual drives, but there are many vacationers taking road trips across the U.S. In addition, people make extra trips to parties, weddings or to area lakes or rivers. Simply put, roads are more congested in the summertime.

Similarly, summer draws out bicyclists and pedestrians. More pedestrians on the road means there is a greater chance that an auto-pedestrian accident will take place.

Teen drivers are particularly dangerous in the summer. In fact, July and August are the deadliest months for teen motorists. Teenagers are driving to their summer job, to visit friends or to popular summer hangouts. However, their naivete, immaturity and inexperience can collide, causing them to take risks behind the wheel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that eight people lose their lives every day in distracted driving crashes and more than 1,000 suffer injuries in such crashes.

In the end, even the most conscientious of drivers can find themselves being struck by another vehicle this summer. Drivers have a legal duty to drive with due care. If a breach leads to an accident, it may set the scene for a legal claim. However, because each case is fact-specific, those who suffer damages in car accidents will want to take the necessary steps to determine what their options are.

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