Head-on car crash injures Ohio deputy

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Law enforcement officers in Cincinnati are at constant risk to their personal safety. This is a foundational aspect of doing their jobs. Most of the dangers they face have to do with helping others and investigating crimes. However, there are also times when they are placed in danger in a fashion similar to civilians. This is particularly true when they are on the road. Auto accidents can happen to anyone, and for a multitude of reasons, whether it is distraction, recklessness, intoxication or circumstance. Just like anyone else, when there is a car crash, law enforcement officers and their families must take steps to protect themselves with a possible legal filing.

Recently, a man driving a truck ran into the opposite lane of the road and crashed head-on with a deputy. The accident occurred at around 4:15 a.m. The deputy became trapped in his cruiser. Rescue crews were called and helped to extricate the deputy from the vehicle. He was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed as having a broken leg. The driver of the truck had minor injuries and also received treatment. According to the initial investigation, the truck driver was not intoxicated. It is believed that fatigue was the main factor in the car accident.

With any car crash, there are certain realities that will affect everyone, regardless of what they do for a living. If there are injuries, there might be a hospital stay with the accompanying medical expenses. The person could suffer injuries severe enough that they will need an extended recovery time, be unable to work or contribute to their home and community, and have a whole host of other issues.

Given the litany of problems that accompany a car accident, many people will make the mistake of accepting an insurance payout before realizing the accumulation of financial and personal costs that come up. Knowing whether there can be a legal case for compensation is key.

In this incident, a deputy was hit head-on by a truck, and he broke his leg. As the investigation into the case goes forward and he recovers, he needs to consider the future. People who are victims of similar accident may want to speak to an attorney to find out about their legal options for compensation.

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