Legal assistance after a crash with a drunk truck driver

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2016 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Since trucks are so ubiquitous on Ohio roadways, there is an inherent trust that others on the road will have with the drivers of these large, heavy vehicles that are frequently traveling at a high rate of speed. That trust can be violated if the trucker gets behind the wheel while intoxicated. Combine the size and speed of the vehicles with a drunk driver and the situation can be dangerous in multiple ways.

A crash with a person who is intoxicated behind the wheel of a truck can cause serious injuries and fatalities. With an accident involving a truck, there are likely to be medical costs as well as financial and personal factors that must be navigated. Considering the amount of money that the various problems that accompany a drunk driving accident involving a truck, it is imperative to have legal protection to consider a lawsuit.

Any case needs to be examined by an experienced attorney from the start. Police reports have to be acquired, the scene must be investigated, medical records and prognosis have to be looked at and, if there was a fatality, the aftereffects for the family must be placed into context. Insurance companies will try to settle a case as quickly as possible to protect the bottom line. This is rarely in the best interests of the injured party or the family left behind.

Since truck drivers are on the road for such a substantial amount of time, the chances of them making a mistake using various substances make it a risk that there will be an accident. When there is an accident with a drunk truck driver, those who were affected need to remember to protect their rights with assistance in filing a legal case with help from a qualified legal professional.

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