More than 30 automobile crashes in one day in Ohio

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As the freezing temperatures continue across the state and affects driving conditions, Ohio drivers should remember to drive extra carefully to avoid car crashes. Icy roads and low visibility come hand in hand with freezing temperatures and can be two facts that cause serious, or even fatal, car accidents. Perhaps they played a role in a series of crashes on the Ohio Turnpike that involved 33 cars, all on the same day.

The first call about a crash on the turnpike came around noon and police officers went to go and check out a truck that had jackknifed over the guardrail. The truck ended up blocking a whole lane, and since visibility was low, oncoming cars could not see the truck and ended up hitting it. This led to a 21-car pileup. Of the people injured in this crash, two were pried from their car and taken to the hospital to receive medical attention for their serious injuries. This initial crash led to several other smaller pileups across the turnpike, as traffic was stopped and people were unable to see very clearly due to poor visibility.

Driving under adverse weather conditions is not easy and special precautions need to be taken, including braking early to allow cars to come to a stop on icy roads, and driving slowly to allow more time to react in low visibility conditions. Despite these precautions however, car accidents still take place and people sustain injuries. In case of an injury, Ohio victims may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against a reckless or negligent driver, if any, to get compensation to cover medical bills or other costs associated with the accident. In a pileup such as that described above, proving negligence may be more difficult, and a personal injury attorney may be able to help reconstruct the accident and guide victims through the legalities of the matter.

Source: Chronicle Online, “33 cars involved in crashes on Ohio Turnpike on Saturday,” Anna Merriman, February 16

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