Injured in an accident with a snowplow? We know what to do

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2015 | Car Accidents

In the midst of winter, Ohio drivers may find themselves driving under harsh weather conditions. Even as they take precautions to avoid accidents, many cities use commercial vehicles to remove ice and snow from the roads in order to further reduce the possibility of wrecks. These commercial vehicles are under tremendous pressure to cover a lot of ground in a little amount of time and may themselves not be taking necessary precautions on icy roads.

Salt trucks, snow plow operators and snow plow removing equipment, the very equipment tasked with creating a safe roadway for motorists, sometimes cause auto accidents and fatalities across the state in their haste to get the job done. Given the nature of the equipment, crashes involving snowplow or salt truck can have serious repercussions, including serious, permanent and debilitating injuries, if not death.

If an Ohio resident is injured in an auto accident involving a city or municipality commercial vehicle, filing a claim against such an entity may seem daunting for the victim or their loved ones. However, a Cincinnati car accident lawyer experienced in these matters can become a victim’s voice. At Gregory S. Young Co., LPA we inspect all aspects of the accident and inform victims and their family members about their entitlement to compensation.

After a car accident, the last thing victims and their loved ones want to think about is dealing with insurance agents and red tape from city officials. By taking one’s case to a personal injury attorney, a car accident victim can be assured their rights will be protected while an experienced professional navigates the system for them.

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