Multi-vehicle crash injures three in Ohio accident

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Traveling on major roadways during the late night hours could pose more risks for drivers than during the daytime. Vision is not as clear at night and drivers might be fatigued or even intoxicated. A negligent driver could easily cause a car accident that affects several drivers and passengers. A driver who speeds, texts while drives, fails to signal a turn or lane change doesn’t yield or doesn’t maintain their lane could be at fault for a serious automobile collision.

A multi-vehicle collision recently occurred on Old Ohio 7 and resulted in three people being transported to the hospital. According to preliminary reports, authorities were called to the scene of a three-car crash that occurred around 10 p.m. between Chesapeake and Proctorville.

When authorities arrived at the scene, the three that suffered injuries were transported to the hospital and the road was blocked for over an hour while crewmembers tended to victims and cleared the accident scene of any hazards.

The accident remains under investigation. Details surrounding the car accident were not reported at this time. Once investigation is completed, authorities could establish who caused the crash or if more than one driver was at fault. This could result in a civil suit to recover compensation. A personal injury suit could be filed against the driver or drivers at fault. This could allow them to have associated expenses covered, such as medical bills and damages.

A multi-vehicle crash often results in serious injuries and severe damages. In addition, numerous people are affected. Those involved should understand their options and the next steps required if they decide to file a suit for compensation.

Source: WSAZ, “Crash on Ohio 7 Sends Three to Hospital; Road Reopen in Area,” April 9, 2014

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