Hit-and-run bicycle accidents common in Ohio

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Bicycle accidents can result in very serious and even fatal injuries for bicyclists. Many serious bicycle accidents are caused by collisions with motor vehicles, often due to a motorist not paying attention or being impaired.

Bicycle-car accidents can be very scary. Most bicyclists would like to think that a motorist involved in a collision would stop to make sure they are ok. However, that is not always the case.

Hit-and-run accidents happen in Ohio, but the percentage of drivers who leave the scene of a car accident is lower than the percentage of drivers who flee after hitting a bicyclist. Reports show that 25 percent of motorists leave the scene of a bicycle-car collision in Ohio. The percentage of hit-and-run accidents involving only motor vehicles is 14 percent in the state.

Law enforcement officials say that many drivers say they did not know they hit someone or something after being involved in a hit-and-run accident. State law requires both parties involved in an accident to stop. If either person leaves the scene, they could face hit-and-run charges.

While a majority of the drivers who flee the scene of a bicycle-car collision are motorists, that isn’t always the case. Reports have shown that bicyclists have also been guilty of leaving the scene of an accident. Some bicyclists who have left after an accident say they were freaked out while other bicyclists have left because they thought they would be in trouble.

Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime. All drivers or bicyclists involved in a crash need to remain at the scene to make sure everyone is okay as well as contact police, especially if someone is hurt.

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