New moms guilty of distracted driving

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Distracted driving continues to make headlines in the U.S. The newest report may be a little surprising to some however. A new study found that new mothers are commonly distracted while driving and may pose serious risks on the road.

The study analyzed survey results from the American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide and found that a majority of new moms with children under the age of 2 believe they are safer drivers than they really are. In fact, many new moms commit some of the most common distracted driving behaviors that increase the risk of being in a car accident.

The study found that roughly 10 percent of new moms surveyed had been in an accident with their child in the car. This finding shows how dangerous distracted driving can be for all drivers, including new moms. The study said that most new moms were more likely to be tired as well as trying to multitask while driving, which can be dangerous and increase the chances of being in a car accident.

Distracted driving causes many car accidents every day throughout the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that roughly 1,200 people are injured in car accidents caused by distracted drivers every day in the U.S.

What can drivers do to prevent distractions from affecting their driving ability? There are several safety tips to consider that can help prevent distracted driving accidents from happening.

The safety tips include not using your cellphone while driving; eliminate other distractions like looking through a bag or eating while driving. Drivers should also try not to drive when they are too tired or feeling drowsy and new parents should not be turning around to check on their child while they are driving.

Source: The Stir, “New Moms Are Hugely Distracted Drivers & The Fallout Is Scary for Everyone,” Linda Sharps, Feb. 26, 2013

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