Fatal crashes increased in Ohio last year

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Car accident fatalities increased in Ohio in 2012 despite a record low of crashes the year before. The Ohio State Patrol reported that 1,056 people were killed in fatal car accidents last year, which increased from 1,015 fatalities in 2011.

The State Patrol is unsure why traffic fatalities increased in 2012. State troopers reported that they made roughly 1,500 more arrests for drug crimes and 800 more arrests for drunk driving last year compared to 2011.

Despite the increased efforts by the State Patrol, fatal car accidents actually increased. The patrol said they are going to make an increased effort in2013 to address the safety issues on the road that typically cause serious and fatal car accidents.

In their effort to reduce car accidents, the patrol is going to focus on impaired driving by using sobriety checkpoints to catch and stop drunk drivers in Ohio. They also said that they are going to increase their investigations of serious car accidents that are suspected to be caused by drug or alcohol use. Troopers said they will try to identify dangerous drivers in Ohio, including repeat drunk driving offenders, and look for ways to keep these dangerous drivers off the road.

Being involved in a car accident can be very scary and confusing. With more car accidents occurring in Ohio, drivers should be aware of what driving behaviors may be unsafe and what they can do to stay away from unsafe drivers and avoid an accident. Unfortunately, even taking safety precautions doesn’t guarantee protection from being in a car accident.

Individuals or families who have been injured in a car accident should consult a personal injury attorney to discuss their specific case. Victims may be able to receive compensation for their injuries and distress under Ohio laws.

Source: NBC News, “Ohio records more fatal crashes in 2012 after record low,” Jan. 1, 2013

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