Best and worst drivers: How do Ohio and Kentucky drivers rank?

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Driving is a skill that requires attention, patience and practice. However, not all drivers are equally skilled or safe on the road. Statistically, some states have better drivers than others, according to various studies and reports.

How do Ohio and Kentucky motorists rank among the best and worst drivers in the country?

A recent study by QuoteWizard analyzed insurance claim statistics to rank states based on factors such as speeding, accidents, citations and DUIs.

The study found that Ohio is the fifth-worst state for unsafe drivers in the United States. On the other hand, Kentucky came in as the sixth-best state, meaning more of its motorists may drive safely.

Why do Ohio drivers rank so poorly?

According to the study, speeding and frequent car accidents are two of the biggest hazards in Ohio. It ranks fourth in speeding, eighth in accidents, 14th in citations and 15th in DUIs.

Ohio is also home to many dangerous roads, which can skew the rate of reported car accidents. Dayton holds the distinction of being among the top three most dangerous driving cities in Ohio.

Why do Kentucky drivers rank so well?

Kentucky law enforcement issues fewer citations than the police in other cities, perhaps suggesting that drivers in the state may obey traffic laws better. Even so, you can still face accident hazards on Kentucky roadways. Speeding remains a big problem here, just as in most (if not all) states.

Knowing how states rank in driver safety may remind you to be cautious in high-risk regions. Legal guidance can ensure you get the compensation you deserve when an unsafe motorist injures you in a car accident.

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