The auto workers’ strike may grow even larger

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2023 | Car Accidents

The United Auto Workers union has been on strike. They are trying to negotiate, and some progress has been made, but it doesn’t appear to be enough. Recently, the union has threatened to expand the strike because they don’t feel like they are actually making “serious progress.”

By expanding the strike, they mean that it will spread to new locations. The union apparently knows what those locations are, but they haven’t been discussed yet. The strike is targeted, so it is only aimed at certain locations and auto plants. 

How will this affect consumers?

The longer the strike goes on and the more it expands, the greater the impact is going to be on consumers. It’s going to be harder for people to find cars, and prices are likely to increase. In fact, a scarcity of new cars could drive up the price of used cars, making the entire market more expensive. 

Already, some dealerships are addressing this by having different interest rates for used and new cars. It is getting more difficult for consumers to get replacements when they need them, such as after a serious car accident. Replacing the damaged vehicle with a new one may be almost impossible, and finding a used car could become unaffordable.

Have you been in an accident? 

If you’ve been in an accident caused by another driver – such as someone who was texting and driving, drinking and driving or simply being negligent in another way – the runaround of replacing your car may be frustrating, but it’s nothing compared to getting compensation for your injuries. You may have lost wages, unaffordable medical bills and much more. Be sure that you understand all of the legal steps you can take to seek appropriate compensation at this difficult time.

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