Why would a dog be aggressive?

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Dogs can be some of the sweetest animals people can meet and own. Many of them enjoy meeting new people, going on long walks, sleeping around the house and generally being friends with owners. However, not every dog is harmless – they’re still animals with sharp teeth.

Dogs can be just as aggressive as people. A dog attack could lead to serious injuries and hospitalization, especially if the dog bite was unexpected. But, it’s often easier to understand why dogs might be aggressive. Here are a few reasons dogs are aggressive:

Territorial aggression

People often joke that dogs enjoy chasing mailpeople, but there’s a reason for that; dogs can be territorial. They may bark, jump, run or bite to prevent others from stepping into their area or possessing something that the dog thinks is theirs. Some dogs will naturally take to some, but people can also train their dogs to attack people who, for example, step into their yards.

Abuse aggression

Unfortunately, many people abuse animals. Abuse toward a dog can make them feel fear and anxiety. This fear and anxiety can come out as aggression, especially toward people the dog isn’t familiar with. People who are unaware of a dog’s history of abuse can unknowingly suffer bites.

Pain aggression

As dogs get older, they can develop medical conditions similar to humans. A common medical condition is arthritis, which can be painful for dogs. Dogs typically don’t understand that the pain they’re suffering from is caused by their body and not others. But, the dog’s confusion can lead to someone suffering an injury.

It’s easy for people to say that a dog’s aggression came out of nowhere or was a result of its breed. A dog’s environment often leads to their aggression. Knowing how a dog was raised may help you avoid serious injuries. If you’re injured by a dog, it can help to understand your legal rights.

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