In poor weather, truckers face the same or more hazards than you

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Truck accidents often result in some of the most horrific injuries a person can endure. The size and weight of these massive automobiles are typically no match for smaller passenger vehicles.

If you fear driving near tractor-trailers, especially in inclement weather, knowing the hazards they face helps you spot potentially risky situations. An easy way to start is by imagining the dangers you face and then multiplying the risks.

Black ice

Once this insidious form of ice glazes a roadway, it becomes clear and nearly impossible to see. If you cannot see it, neither can truck drivers. Practice extra caution if you hear reports of black ice in your area, especially when driving near semis.

Icy bridges

Bridges are the perfect environment for ice to develop because they receive cooling (freezing) air above and below the road surface. Since iced-over bridges are infamously dangerous to all motorists, watch nearby tractor-trailers carefully for signs the driver has lost control.

Heavy rain

Winter weather in Ohio is unpredictable enough to make flash floods or downpours an accident risk. If you are having trouble controlling your car or pickup in heavy rain, so are truck drivers. Be extra cautious when encountering large commercial vehicles in a downpour.

You can be sure that truck drivers want to avoid accidents as much as you do. However, it takes longer for heavy automobiles to slow, stop and otherwise respond to operator control maneuvers. Take this and other crash hazards into account anytime you encounter a tractor-trailer.

If a truck accident injures you or a loved one despite your attention to safety, take immediate steps to secure the financial compensation you deserve.

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