4 ways alcohol impairs driving skills

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About 28 people per day in America are killed in drunk driving accidents. (In Ohio alone, drunk driving makes up 32 percent of traffic fatalities.)

When someone drinks alcohol before operating a vehicle, they suffer many adverse effects. Below are four ways alcohol affects their driving skills.

Alcohol temporarily warms the body before putting the driver at risk in cold weather

Previously, it was common for people to use alcohol as a warming agent during cold seasons. Later, researchers proved that the temporary feeling of warmth leads to a risk of hyperthermia. In addition, it weakens a driver’s judgment since they may assume they do not need to bundle up. This could put them in real trouble if they overindulge and lose consciousness in a blizzard. 

Excess alcohol weakens a driver’s vision

When a driver drinks past their limit, their vision doubles or blurs. If they cannot see well, they’ll likely hit someone or crash into a tree or building.

Alcohol affects a driver’s sense of coordination

Excess alcohol makes it difficult for someone to walk to their car, take their key in/out of the ignition or brake when needed.

Alcohol decreases a person’s inhibitions

If someone drinks three or more alcoholic beverages, they’ll act in ways that contradict their normal behavior. For example, a quiet individual might be loud and boisterous after drinking irresponsibly. They also might be so focused on showing off that they’re not paying attention to handling the wheel.

Individuals can prevent drunk driving by limiting their alcohol intake or appointing a designated driver if they exceed their limit. Unfortunately, some people would rather drive drunk anyway. Have you gotten hurt or lost a loved one due to a drunk driver? Reach out to legal guidance to learn about personal injury compensation.


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