4 major causes of motorcycle accidents

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Biking is, without a doubt, a fun way to travel around – whether you are bustling in the inner city or enjoying the countryside scenery. Unfortunately, motorcycling like any other form of transportation does have its share of risks. 

One of the best ways of avoiding motorcycle-related accidents is by familiarizing yourself with how these accidents happen in the first place. Here are 4 factors that commonly lead to motorcycle accidents

Lack of riding skills

Skill plays an important role in just about every task. To operate a motorcycle safely, it is important that you invest adequate time learning how to gauge the road conditions and respond to situations while riding. However, it is not uncommon for some bikers to take to the road before acquiring the right skills. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nearly 29% of motorcycle fatalities involved unlicensed riders.  

Alcohol use

No matter your skill and experience on the road, riding a motorcycle while intoxicated is never a great idea. Alcohol impairs your judgment and decision-making capabilities. Just like driving, riding a motorbike calls for razor-sharp attention. This is greatly slowed when you are intoxicated. 


Excessive speeding is one of the major causes of most forms of road accidents. Excessive speeding may mean exceeding the stipulated speed limits or riding too fast for the road conditions. For instance, if the speed limit is 60mph, then riding your motorcycle at 60 mph on a foggy morning would definitely be dangerous. 

Road hazards

Poorly maintained roads are another common cause of motorcycle accidents. Safe biking requires a well-maintained road. Without this, motorcyclists are at a greater risk of sustaining an injury. Road hazards that are likely to pose risk to motorcyclists include potholes, fallen trees and dead animals and slippery roads. 

Motorcycle accidents tend to leave their victims with serious injuries. Find out how you can protect your rights if you are involved in a motorcycle accident that is not your fault. 

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