Cervical spine injuries are often catastrophic

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Car Accidents

Car wrecks can lead to many different injuries, including those to the spinal cord. The higher the injury on the spinal cord, the more devastating the effects might be. This is because the effects of this type of trauma tend to be seen below the site of the injury.

The cervical spine includes the area between the base of the skull and just above the shoulders. There are eight disks in this area that are denoted by numbers – C1 to C8. An injury to this area can lead to total paralysis of the arms and legs.

What other effects can these injuries have?

A person with an injury to the cervical spine will likely need around-the-clock personal care because they’ll require help with all daily activities. They may be dependent on a ventilator because a cervical spine injury can impair lung function. Bowel and bladder control are also often affected.

Some people who have this type of injury will have trouble communicating. They may need special assistive devices to convey messages to others. These are sometimes attached to their power wheelchairs that are necessary so they can get around. Because of the paralysis, they likely won’t be able to drive.

Victims of motor vehicle crashes who suffer from a spinal cord injury must get prompt medical care. This can help them to get the care and therapy they need so they have the best chance of recovery. Because that care is costly, they may opt to pursue a claim for compensation so they can attempt to recover the financial losses they’re dealing with. These cases have a time limit for getting them filed, so it is pivotal to act quickly.

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