Is it possible to spot a dangerous or out-of-control semitruck?

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Truck accidents are responsible for some of the most catastrophic injuries a human body can suffer. Death is a common outcome in these crashes. Even if you survive, you will likely face overwhelming medical expenses. Those injured in truck accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio, generally have three options for financial recovery.

  • They can file an insurance claim with the other driver’s insurer.
  • They can file an insurance claim with their insurer.
  • They can file an injury lawsuit against the trucker or the trucking company.

It is nice to know you have compensation options after a truck accident leaves you with severe injuries. However, most accident victims agree that they would rather avoid a crash altogether.

Possible signs of a dangerous semitruck

If you stay alert on Ohio roadways and pay attention to other motorists, you might be able to spot an imminent truck accident before it can harm you. Four possible signs of an out-of-control truck may include the following.

  1. The truck keeps veering out of its lane or striking a road’s rumble strips.
  2. The trucker applies the brakes (watch for brake lights), but the truck does not slow down.
  3. The truck moves erratically (fishtailing, swerving, drifting, etc.).
  4. The trailer of the truck shakes or even tilts.

If you see any of these signs or anything else that seems unusual, it is wise to slow down and put some distance between you and the semi-truck. If you cannot get out of the way and a collision occurs, it is time to learn more about truck accident compensation in Ohio.

Working with a skilled and experienced legal representative helps you identify which of the three compensation options discussed above best meets your needs.

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