Ways drivers can help keep motorcycles safe

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Motorcycle season is coming up and as it is fast approaching, drivers should be familiar with safety tips they can utilize to help keep motorcycle riders safe. When they do not, there are legal protections available to help motorcycle accident victims through the difficulties that follow a motorcycle accident.

Cars can kill

Greater than half of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. In most motorcycle accidents with another vehicle, the motorist is at fault. Many drivers ignore motorcycles until it is too late. Drivers should be aware of the danger they pose to motorcycles and be on the lookout for them.

Be on the lookout for motorcycles

Motorcycles are smaller vehicles and may hide in a driver’s blind spot or be hidden by other objects such as fences, bushes or bridges. Drivers should take extra time to look for motorcycles on the roadway, especially when changing lanes or turning at intersections.

Double check for motorcycles

Because motorcycles are small, they may seem farther away than they are and it may be difficult to judge the speed of the motorcycle. Drivers should assume that motorcycles are closer than they are.

Maintain a safe distance

Motorcycles may slow down in ways that do not activate their brake light. Drivers should allow more following distance for motorcycles and should increase their following distance. Motorcycles may slow down without any visual warning.

Motorcycles need space to maneuver

Motorcycles need to be able to maneuver for changes in roadway, traffic or weather conditions, including debris in the roadway, and drivers should ensure they provide motorcycles with the space to safely maneuver.

Adjusting lane position

Motorcycle riders may do things that drivers do not such as adjust position in their lane to adjust for roadway conditions. It is important that drivers give them space to safely do this.

Motorcycle blinkers are not self-cancelling

Drivers should confirm that a motorcycle signal is intentional and that the motorcycle has not merely left the blinker on.

These tips can help drivers keep motorcyclists safe on the roadway. Legal protections, including personal injury legal protections, can help motorcycle accident victims when they have been harmed by a negligent driver.

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