Local man killed in Middletown multi-vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Car Accidents

Anyone driving on our streets can attest that traffic has become an increasing problem throughout the area. And, unfortunately, with increased traffic, comes increased numbers of accidents and accident victims. One recent example on I-75 Wednesday examples this issue with a fatal eight vehicle accident.

The accident

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the motor vehicle accident included eight vehicle, including a commercial, box truck, occurred Wednesday night.  And, while the accident is still under investigation, what is known, is that each vehicle was traveling southbound near the State Route 122 Middletown exit on I-75.

In total, nine people were impacted. One man was killed, and eight others (some in critical condition) were transported to various hospitals.

The accident shutdown I-75 for hours, but it has since reopened. Nonetheless, anyone who witnessed the accident or has camera footage should contact the OSHP immediately.

After car accidents

What and who caused this accident is currently unknown, which is to be expected with an eight vehicle accident. However, each victim, including the family of the accident victim who died, should contact an attorney immediately. The Cincinnati, Ohio, attorney can help determine who was at fault, or even if multiple drivers are at fault, as may very well be the case here. An additional investigation may be necessary as well because of the nature of this accident.

For anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident though, Ohio law allows us to hold negligent drivers responsible for their actions. Through a personal injury lawsuit, those actually injured can recover for all of their damages and pain and suffering. If the accident victim was killed, their family can sue through a wrongful death lawsuit to get some semblance of civil justice.

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