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The physical, emotional, and financial damage caused by a car accident can be devastating. You might be forced to cope with excruciating pain at a time when your medical bills are skyrocketing and your wages are drying up. In total, the stressors can be overwhelming, and your vision of the future might be bleak. But you don’t have to let yourself be consumed by the uncertainties facing you. Instead, you can seek out assistance from a legal team that knows how to give you the personalized, holistic representation you deserve.

Proving liability

There are two parts to a personal injury case: proving liability and proving damages. Proving liability can be daunting, but an experienced legal team, like the one at our firm, will know how to analyze the facts of your case to develop a competent, aggressive legal strategy. At our firm, we diligently work to gather the evidence needed to support our clients’ strategies. This might include deposing witnesses to lock in their testimony prior to trial, utilizing experts who can render opinions in your favor, and submitting testimony and exhibits that are persuasive to the judge and jury. You’ll also need to be prepared to deflect any allegations that you’re partially at fault for the accident in question.

Proving damages

Even if you prove liability, you won’t recover compensation unless you can prove your damages. Our legal team helps clients calculate lost wages and medical expenses, but we also put in the work to make compelling arguments for pain and suffering damages as well as expected future damages. This might entail securing expert testimony, providing your own testimony that speaks to changes in your daily living and loss of enjoyment of life, and utilizing medical and employment records. You want to be able to paint as clear of a picture as possible, which an attorney can help you do.

Telling your story

Litigating your case is about telling your story. The better you’re able to show what happened to you and how it has affected you, the more likely you are to succeed on your claim. Of course, there are a lot of complexities that can arise in these cases, which is why you need an advocate with legal know how on your side. At our firm, we take pride in our dedication and successful handling of personal injury cases, which is why car accident victims in the Cincinnati area continue to turn to us for help.


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