Visual recognition as a cause of motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

The modern vehicles that Cincinnati residents drive are equipped with many safety features. In addition to mirrors that give them the ability to see around their vehicles, drivers also benefit from blind spot warnings, back up cameras and other electronic tools that were not available to vehicles of generations past. However, the most important tool that a driver can use when commuting down the road is not something that is an add-on feature to their vehicle: it is their attention.

Paying attention to one’s surroundings is an incredibly important part of staying safe on the road, and unfortunately a lack of attention to certain motorists causes a number of dangerous accidents each year. Drivers who fail to look out for and see motorcyclists can pose significant dangers to individuals who choose to ride their motorcycles through the city. Visual recognition is the term given to unfortunate occurrence.

Motorcycles are smaller than most other vehicles and therefore they are not always as easy to pick out in traffic. However, the fact that a motorcycle is not as big as an SUV or truck does not give a driver the excuse to overlook its possible presence and exercise carelessness on the road. Drivers who allow their attention to wander and who fail to visually check for motorcyclists when making roadway maneuvers may be liable for their victims’ injuries if they cause motorcycle accidents.

This post discusses a single possible cause of motorcycle accidents. It should not be used in anyway as legal advice. Victims of motorcycle accidents are asked to discuss their cases with attorneys who work in the field of personal injury law.

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