Driver indicted following fatal Ohio truck accident

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Truck accident victims have legal protections to consider when they are harmed by a negligent truck driver or truck company. Recently, in a nearby community just north of the Cincinnati area, a truck driver was indicted for homicide following a fatal truck accident that claimed the life of a woman. The truck accident occurred when a concrete bucket truck rear-ended a SUV, killing its 58-year-old driver. The woman died at the scene of the crash. The 45-year-old driver of the truck is facing multiple felony charges associated with the accident.

According to authorities, the truck driver was driving a truck for a local concrete company at the time of the accident. A preliminary police report noted that the brakes on the truck may have failed, but the truck was traveling at an estimated 65 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone when the driver crashed into the victim. The truck accident resulted in the SUV catching fire and the concrete truck also struck another vehicle and although the driver of that vehicle was injured, his injuries were not considered serious.

There are many things to consider when pursuing a claim for damages associated with a truck accident. In general, victims who are injured in a truck accident or surviving family members of victims killed in truck accidents may be able to bring a claim for the physical, financial and emotional damages they have suffered in a truck accident against a negligent driver or negligent truck company. A claim for negligence may be based on criminal charges the negligent truck driver is facing. A truck driver who causes a truck accident may be considered negligent if the truck driver caused a truck accident when speeding or a truck company may be considered negligent for failing to properly maintain a truck, ensuring its safe operation on the roadways.

There are a variety of circumstances in which a truck driver or truck company may be liable to victims of truck accidents and their families, which is why both truck accident victims and their families should be familiar with legal options available to protect them. Understanding how they can get help with the unexpected damages they are facing at a particularly difficult time can be essential for truck accident victims and their families.

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