What if a truck driver crashes while talking on a cell phone?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Most Cincinnati residents probably recognize that talking on the cell phone or texting while trying to drive is not a very smart idea. In addition to being distracted just by the conversation, a person can also even have his hands off of the wheel, not to mention his eyes off of the road, while trying to dial a number or respond to that last instant message. There is no doubt that this kind of behavior can cause a serious crash.

It stands to reason, then, that a truck driver who causes a trucking accident while using the cell phone should be held strictly accountable. After all, someone who drives for a living really should know better than to try to use a cell phone while driving, especially since these drivers’ vehicles are relatively big and can cause a lot of damage.

However, whether such a driver winds up with a ticket or some other penalty is going to depend on the circumstances. For instance, in Ohio, drivers are not allowed to text while driving, but they may use cell phones so long as they are using a hands-free device to operate the device.

Furthermore, certain truckers who travel in or through Ohio may be subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s authority and, as such, must follow the Administration’s many regulations. Among these regulations, the Administration prohibits any cell phone use, including texting and searching the web. The only exception is that a driver may use a cell phone to make a call if the call can be completed with the push of only one button.

Those truck drivers who violate cell phone restrictions and cause an accident can also more easily be held accountable in a civil lawsuit, which is the legal means an accident victim would use should the victim believe that a negligent truck driver caused the accident because the driver was on his or her cell phone.

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