How a shipping company is responsible for a driver’s accident

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Most Cincinnati truck drivers see operating on Ohio’s roads as probably hauling property on behalf of a shipping company or other business. When things are going well, this might not matter to other motorists. However, it matters greatly, should the truck driver cause a serious trucking accident.

The reason it matters is that it is often to an injured person’s advantage to sue the trucking company, as opposed to just trying to sue the individual truck driver. Even if the trucking company is already on the hook because the driver is its employee, naming the trucking company as a negligent party allows injured people to pursue additional legal paths in order to make sure they get the compensation they deserve.

There are many ways in which an injured Ohio victim can pursue a trucking or other company, even if the driver involved was not strictly speaking an employee. For instance, the victim may be able to establish the company exercised poor supervision over its contracted drivers or may have engaged in negligent hiring by not properly vetting the drivers to see if they were a safety risk.

There is also a separate legal principle that one should not entrust a dangerous item, like a large truck, to someone who has proven himself or herself irresponsible.

Whether or not to name a trucking company as a negligent party responsible for an accident is ultimately a matter of legal strategy. As such, it is best that one only make this call with the help of an experienced Cincinnati personal injury attorney who has experience with handling truck accidents.

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