Link between military servicemen and motorcycle crashes

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With the weather improving, many people are taking to the roads on bikes and motorbikes. With the wind gushing through one’s hair, riding on a motorcycle makes people feel free and one with nature. Ohio residents may not be aware that motorcycle ownership is more common among military members than in the general population. This may be because most Members of the Armed Forces are young men, it may be because owning a motorcycle is cheaper or it may simply be because they enjoy the freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle.

However, motorcycle-related fatalities are one of the leading causes of death among service members that is not related to war. Though there has been a recent decrease in motor vehicle accidents involving service members, that is attributed to the decrease in non-motorcycle related accidents. This means that motorcycle accident related fatalities remain high and even increased in the period between 2010 and 2012. This is despite the fact that military members are now required by the Department of Defense to enroll in safety courses if they are interested in owning a motorcycle.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often overlooked by other motorists on the road, as they are making turns or crossing intersections. If a collision takes place, the motorcyclist is considerably less protected than the motorist-the only thing protecting a motorcyclist is his helmet and perhaps pads. Other than this, he is at the mercy of the road and the car in the event of an accident.

When service members have come back, they may get on the road for the adrenaline boost and the thrill factor, but they may never consider that they would lose their lives on the roads that should be relatively safe for them. If an Ohio resident has lost someone in a fatal motorcycle accident, they may want to consider consulting an experienced personal injury attorney and discuss ways to hold the inattentive driver responsible for their behavior.

Source: Star News Online, “Military focuses on reducing motorcycle deaths of servicemen,” Adam Wagner, Oct. 5, 2012

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