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On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Even though truck driver’s hours and working conditions are strictly regulated by federal regulations as mentioned in last week’s blog post, these regulations are often overlooked by the drivers and the trucking industry itself. Long haul trucks are the crux of our economy, transporting goods from one state to another, so it is not possible to completely remove them from the roadways to create safer roads, but it may be possible to reduce the number of truck crashes and create awareness about the issue by filing a civil suit against a truck driver who causes an accident.

All accidents are devastating, but an accident involving a truck can often lead to catastrophic injuries due to the difference in size and weight of the vehicles involved. If the truck is involved in an accident with a pedestrian or a motorcyclist with little to no protection, the accident can even be fatal. Lawyers at our firm understand the frustration and devastation accident victims and their loved ones experience and can help them wade through the paperwork involved in holding the negligent party accountable.

In any accident, collecting evidence is an essential component of an investigation, but trucking companies often have the resources to start gathering evidence before even ambulances have left the scene. With more than 50 years of experience of representing victims in Ohio, lawyers at our firm understand the importance of evidence and often work with accident reconstructionists and other scientific experts and get their guidance while handling complex legal issues.

We offer guidance and experience that could be valuable for victims and family members looking to assert their rights. For more on truck accidents, visit our page.

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