We can help get compensation for injuries such as burns and scars

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As mentioned last week on the Cincinnati Car Accident Law Blog, survivors of a car accident often walk away from the accident with multiple catastrophic injuries and need medical care to treat their injuries. Recovering these medical expenses and other types of damages may be possible in a personal injury lawsuit, if it is demonstrated that the expenses incurred during treatment related to the injury caused by the car accident.

One of the types of injuries sustained in an accident is a burn injury and it often requires lengthy procedures and surgeries to treat and car accident victims go through a lot of pain during the process and are still left with burns that remind them of the trauma they went through. In addition to this, often windshields shatter on the impact of the accident or road rash is sustained in a motorcycle accident and the injuries that result leave scars as well. Though some of these injuries and scars heal over time, it is also possible that they are permanent and in these situations the compensation a victim deserves should take this factor into account.

Lawyers at our firm are experienced in dealing with cases that involve burn scars and have expertise in evaluating the situation and are aware of the factors that should be considered before accepting any settlement, such as reconstructive surgery to reduce the scars, pain and suffering and psychological counseling for post traumatic stress disorder. Our focus is on helping victims get the help they need.

Lawyers at our firms take the time to discuss various forms of compensation with Ohio victims and go through the method of calculating losses by taking into account each victim’s individual circumstances. For more information, visit our personal injury page.

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