Truck driver sentenced in fatal Ohio semi-truck accident

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Truck accidents can lead to unexpected harm that families may struggle to deal with following a truck accident. In a neighboring community less than an hour north of Cincinnati a truck driver was recently once again before a judge for sentencing related to a fatal truck accident. The truck accident occurred when the driver hit three stopped cars from behind. A woman was killed in one of the vehicles.

The truck driver has already been serving prison time for the felony charge he faced related to the removal, immediately after the accident, of a page in his trucking log book to conceal the amount of time he had slept before the accident. The truck driver was recently in court for a vehicular manslaughter charge related to the fatal truck accident. The truck driver was sentenced to 90 days to be served concurrently, a fine and a suspended driver’s license for two years. While truck accidents can lead to criminal penalties, they can also lead to civil consequences as well.

While the criminal justice system has an important role to play after an accident of this kind, a civil lawsuit can also be very important. Victims and surviving family members may suffer physical, financial and emotional pain and suffering following a semi-truck crash. When these damages are the result of negligence on the part of the truck driver, victims or their family members may be able to recover compensation.

Attorneys representing victims and their families investigate the circumstances behind the accident to see if the driver or trucking company has violated laws or been generally negligent with regard to safety. In many cases, the trucking company, and not just the truck driver, may be held liable for damages.

Truck accidents can have devastating consequences and a far-reaching impact on victims and families. Because of the extensive nature of harm suffered by victims of a truck accident, the financial losses for victims and their families may be enormous. Ohio attorneys with experience in truck accident cases can help the injured or the families of those killed to understand how they may seek compensation.

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