Ohio residents learning how to avoid car accidents

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Ohio residents may be aware that older drivers are safer than younger drivers, but how much safer are they? Most baby boomers are turning 65 this year and took driver’s education classes around 50 years ago, when the interstate system did not exist and every other driver was not talking and texting while driving. Even though they drive safely, according to experts, there are numerous advantages to relearning how to drive safely as most drivers have changed their driving habits over time.

According to experts, a refresher course or a defensive driving course has many advantages as drivers are less likely to make hazardous driving errors, and, usually, change at least one driving behavior after attending the class. Reviewing road rules and how to drive safely also adds to driver confidence, allowing them to remain mobile as long as possible.

There are no road or desk tests in the class, but there is a lot of discussion about aging and its effects on vision, hearing and reacting and drivers are taught tools to compensate. Attendees are also asked about the basics of the roads, such as the differences between a yellow line and a white line, which many drivers have forgotten.

Nonetheless, sometimes, despite all precautions and the driver’s age, fatal car accidents do take place, where people are not only seriously injured, but some people die as a result of these injuries. All the driving classes in the world cannot bring back the life lost, but holding the negligent driver accountable for their actions may be one way to get closure. Another may be through grief counseling, the cost of which may be covered through compensation received through a personal injury lawsuit.

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