Pedestrians, bicyclists often victims of distracted driving

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Distracted driving has caused a lot of car accidents in Ohio and throughout the United States. Previous reports show that distracted driving increases the chances of being in a car accident. Now, a new study shows that distracted driving doesn’t just impact motorists.

The study found that more pedestrians and bicyclists are being killed in distracted driving accidents in the U.S. Fatal pedestrian and bicycle accidents caused by distracted drivers has increased by 50 percent from 2005 to 2010. 

Researchers say that pedestrian and bicycle deaths have increased while fatal car accidents have decreased. The study used information from the U.S. Fatality Analysis Reporting System to analyze pedestrian and bicycle deaths. They found that 500 pedestrians were killed from distracted drivers in 2010, and 73 bicyclists were killed by distracted driving in the same year. One of the most surprising findings was that half of these fatal accidents happened during the daytime. 

Distracted driving is known to be very dangerous and increases the risk of a car accident. This study shows that distracted driving isn’t just dangerous for motorists, but pedestrians and bicyclists are also victims of these accidents. 

Drivers should know the dangers of distracted driving. When they use a cellphone behind the wheel or become distracted in some way, they are putting everybody’s lives at risk, including those not on the road. 

There is not much pedestrians and bicyclists can do to prevent distracted driving by motorists. That is why drivers need to aware of the dangers of distracted driving because their actions can impact many lives, not just their own. 

The study’s researchers are hoping their findings can help government agencies and safety groups advocate for new policies and laws that can deter distracted driving and reduce accidents in the future. 

Source: Medical Daily, “Distracted Drivers Cause Pedestrian Deaths To Rise 50% From Texting, Talking On Phone, Or Eating At The Wheel,” Lecia Bushak, Nov. 30, 2013

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