Semi-truck accident results in fatalities, injuries in Ohio

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Semi-truck accidents are very dangerous and can result in serious injuries and death for those involved in these crashes. While there are many causes of truck accidents in Ohio, negligence and mistakes by truck drivers is one of the common reasons for truck accidents.

Truck drivers are responsible for safely operating their heavy vehicles. Unfortunately, when truck drivers become distracted or have unsafe driving behaviors, accidents are more likely to happen and can lead to serious injuries and fatalities in the end.

That was the case in a recent semi-truck accident that caused a seven-vehicle collision on a highway in southwest Ohio. State troopers reported that the multi-vehicle car accident happened after a semi-truck did not stop for traffic in a construction zone on the highway. The troopers reported that the truck failed to brake and hit the vehicle in front of him as well as another commercial truck.

That led to a chain collision where the second truck hit the vehicle in front of it, which caused that vehicle to hit an additional three vehicles on the highway. The crash also caused some of the vehicles to start on fire due to the force of the collision. Two truck drivers suffered fatal injuries and another victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries after the accident.

This accident is an example of the dangers distracted or unsafe truck drivers pose on the road. This accident may not have happened or could have been less severe if the truck driver would have safely braked while driving through the construction zone. Truck drivers and all other drivers should be extra cautious when they are driving through a construction zone and make sure they give plenty of room between the vehicle in front of them to make sure they can safely stop.

Source: FOX 19, “Semi-truck triggers Ohio chain collision; 2 die,” Aug. 29, 2013

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