Are traffic-enforcement cameras here to stay?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2013 | Motor Vehicle Safety

As a growing number of municipalities in Ohio begin to implement red-light cameras to issue traffic tickets, State citizens are fighting back, challenging the cameras’ constitutionality. According to a recent article in the Columbus Dispatch, the city of Columbus raised over 2 million dollars from red-light camera traffic tickets last year alone! At $95 per offense, over 22,000 traffic tickets were issued in 2012.

State citizens have filed lawsuits in Hamilton, Franklin, and Lucas counties to combat the use of red-light and speed-limit cameras. A Hamilton County judge recently issued an injunction stopping the use of speed-limit cameras calling the system a “scam the motorists can’t win.” In Toledo, an appeals court recently found that the use of cameras violated motorists’ due process rights.

As a result, Ohio lawmakers are currently considering a statewide ban on the traffic-enforcement cameras, which the Senate will likely discuss in late early October.


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